Beach Cuisine

The food in the Bahamas has been absolutely phenomenal. Atlantis has such a wide variety of dining options ranging from high-end and sophisticated to laid back. I have sampled Italian, Southwestern, traditional Bahamian, and my personal favorite – Asian fusion. This specific restaurant, called Nobu, was hands down the best Japanese food I have ever had. So sad I only get to visit this restaurant once while in the Bahamas!

With the first glance at the menu, my entire family panicked. My sister quietly whispered to me, “I don’t know what any of this stuff is.” And she was exactly right; no one was familiar with the majority of the menu items (sans descriptions, I might add). We relinquished all control over to our knowledgable waiter. Needless to say, the man was very familiar with the menu and picked perfect selections of cold raw fish, cooked items, sushi, and dessert.

We sampled many dishes including wagyu beef dumplings, tempura shrimp in a spicy cream sauce, thinly sliced beef in a sesame citrus sauce, and a sampling of different sushi rolls. However, we all became speechless when the waiter brought a marinated black cod to the table. It was absolutely amazing and Рwithout a doubt Рthe best seafood dish I have ever tasted.

In addition to delicious food, I have been happy to take advantage of the 18-year-old drinking age in the Bahamas. Throughout the week, I have sampled pina coladas, watermelon mojitos, and peach margaritas. At Nobu, I had a champagne punch mixed with fresh raspberry puree. As you may have guessed, I love fruity drinks and have enjoyed every drink I have indulged in this week.

I have been so pleased with all of my meals on vacation and I can hardly wait to taste the classic cuisine of the 7 additional countries I will be visiting in the months to come. Until next time, later mon.


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