Food at Sea

Unfortunately, this is not a picture of the food I ate during the 10-day voyage across the Atlantic. This photo is from my last dinner pre-departure at a wonderful steakhouse in the Bahamas with my family. Believe it or not, the cafeteria-style food provided on the ship does not resemble the above picture in the slightest. My breakfast consists of fruit and a bagel/english muffin/toast/croissant (depending on my mood)…everyday. Lunches are comprised of a salad and pasta/rice/potato…everyday. Dinner is the same as lunch…everyday. Interestingly, I have become a vegetarian while aboard the ship. To be honest, the meat just freaks me out. If nothing else, it is definitely true that the repetition of mediocre food will truly prepare my taste buds for the delicious local cuisine to come. My first bite of non-ship food was the best bite of food I’ve taken in a very long time.
In addition to eating food while aboard the MV Explorer, I have learned so much about food. My first class of the day is the Anthropology of Food, Gender, and Culture. Although we are starting with the underlying theories, I still find the class so interesting. We discuss more than just food. We talk about the connection of food to culture and the underlying meanings that can be gathered from studying the two fields in unison. For example, we discussed the issue of obesity in different cultures. The obesity of United Statians (a new anthropological term I just learned) has to do with the prevalence of processed food and a growing distance between farmer and consumer. In the Pacific Islands, on the other hand, a larger body is favored to a more slim physique so individuals strive for obesity. Finding the underlying cultural currents helped me understand food on a completely different level. On my favorite day of this class, we watched a movie about chocolate addictions and my adorable professor provided each person with a candy bar! It is safe to say that this might be the best class I have ever taken.


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