Making Exceptions

I feel like I haven’t shared a recipe with you all in forever! With exams, papers, and job applications (how am I old enough for that?!), I have basically been MIA. In the weeks since we last talked, I’ve changed. I normally avoid healthy desserts like a plague. In my opinion, life is far too short to waste time eating desserts that aren’t even delicious.


But, I made an exception. I saw a recipe for healthy funfetti cake batter dip. I was instantly transported back to elementary school and felt that old excitement that used to bubble up when I’d find Dunkaroos in my lunch box. Remember those?!? Such sweet memories. This dip looked like the exact replica of the little tub of frosting (aka the best part) in a Dunkaroo pack.


I’m not even joking right now,this recipe is even better than that tiny tub of frosting. It has a wonderfully thick texture and the vanilla yogurt lends an incredibly sweet and delicious flavor. Guys, I’m a fan. I might need to make these healthy dessert exceptions more often. Maybe.IMG_0701

Muffy/Hurricane (the foster kitty that my roommate recently adopted – YAY) was also willing to make an exception. He was my photography helper this afternoon and kept a watchful eye on the dip to make sure no one stole any. He also really really wanted to try some and was willing to become a cannibal and eat this dip on a (cat shaped) animal cracker. See, anyone can make exceptions!


Skinny Funfetti Dip


Adapted from: Eat Yourself Skinny

Yields: around 4 cups 


1 box funfetti cake mix

2 cups yogurt – I used non-fat vanilla greek yogurt

1 1/2 cups lite CoolWhip, thawed

extra sprinkles for topping

Dippers – animal crackers, vanilla wafers, fruit, fingers…


1. In a medium bowl, incorporate the first three ingredients. Make sure all the lumps are gone and the cake mix has been completely incorporated. The mixture will be thick, especially if you use greek yogurt.

2. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

3. Top with extra sprinkles and serve with preferred dippers. Enjoy!


Happy (Healthy!) Baking!


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