Meet the Baker

My name is Meaghan and my passion is baking.


I am a fourth year at the University of Virginia double majoring in Economics and Sociology with a minor in Business Leadership. I use baking as a means of procrastination any day of the week.


I can’t pinpoint the exact day I started baking. But I can say I haven’t looked back since.


I would like to thank all my lovely friends and family who have supported my baking addiction with constant taste tests and kind words. Most importantly, I’d like to thank my mom who passed on to me her unadulterated love of frosting.

Happy Baking!


11 thoughts on “Meet the Baker

  1. It’s really nice to meet another college baking blogger! Baking as procrastination is one of my favorite pastimes as well. I’m just starting out blogging myself, but I’d love to have a blog as nice as yours eventually :).

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